I met Master for the first time in Hamburg two years ago. At that time, he was searching for a light-weighted camera as his companion. I have all the features that he needs, so he asked me whether I want to join him. I agreed and our journey began…

Hamburg – Tor zur Welt (Gateway to the World) – is Master’s second hometown. He has lived here for several years, and thus he knows the city quite well. He told me that water is the life of this city; from the Elbe River to the Alster Lake to numerous canals flowing through the city – no matter where we go we always know we are near water.

Alster Lake

The maritime spirit infuses the entire city; from architecture to menus to daily activities of its people – the Hamburger. Strolling along the Elbe, exploring the Speicherstadt and the canal system, sailing on the Alster or just chilling at the water edge on a hot summer day are a few of many things which you can experience in this wonderful city.

Nicholai Fleet

Germany’s northern capital is also very modern, urban and cosmopolitan. This is reflected by a great cultural scene with numerous theatres, concerts, and museums; as well as the iconic seedy red-light district with a bustling club scene – the Reeperbahn. When it comes to shopping, Hamburg also offers a lot of options; from high-end boutiques on Neuer Wall or Eppendorf to the hip one on Schanzen district, to the flea markets which can be found in most city districts – the city always has something for every taste and budget. Moreover, as a multicultural metropolis, Hamburg is a perfect location to meet new people coming from many different parts of the world.


Like my Master, I love Hamburg. We had a lot of memories in this city, both good and bad one, but we enjoy living here. It is cool, stylish and undoubtedly livable. I will miss this city when we have to leave one day, but for now, Hamburg is our base to explore Europe.

Mundsburg Canal


    1. I am glad that you like it 🙂 I often travel alone so my camera is my only companion. He see what I see, so I think why not telling stories from his perspective 😛


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