2016 in Review

It has been almost four months since I created Len and hit “Publish” for the first time. At that time, I did not think that I can write and who else could read what I wrote, except my family and maybe some close friends. I was wrong. Journeys of Len has reached far greater than I thought and some of my fellow bloggers who are really friendly and open-minded have become my (virtual) friends.

Four months was not a long time, and there is still a lot of things in this blogosphere that I need to learn. But before we say goodbye to 2016,  I would like to have a look back of 2016 by presenting the five best posts of this year. For the not-so-good one, I prefer to keep it to myself because I don’t want my dear readers to lose interest in my blog. Thank you all of you for following our journeys and see you next year!

Nr.5 – The Magical Palace

With its romantic style and gorgeous garden, the palace of Schwerin has enchanted some visitors and landed on the 5th place of the most viewed post.

Schwerin Palace
Schwerin Palace features various architectural styles, ranging from Gothic, Hanseatic to Renaissance

Nr.4 – The Symphony of Colors

Isola di Burano, where colourful houses dancing and reflecting in the turquoise water of the Mediterranean, has charmed a little bit more visitors and thus held the 4th position.

The Symphony of Colors

Nr.3 – A Different Paris

France’s capital is popular as usual and visitors are keen to learn about any hidden gem of this city. Therefore, the post obtained the 3rd place.

A Different Paris

Nr.2 – Getting lost in Venice

Another candidate from the Veneto region also climbed high on the list and achieved the second position in Venice. This post shows an unusual way to explore the marvellous city. Thanks, Sara from The Rover in Leather Jacket to confirm that it is a correct way as well.

Getting Lost in Venice

Nr.1 – Norway in a Nutshell

Gained the most attention in this year is “Norway in a Nutshell”. The review of the most popular tour in Norway was viewed twice as much as “The Magical Palace”. The post includes my travel itinerary, my experiences, and some tips for future travellers. For me, the trip to Norway is the hi-light of this year and I hope I could visit this Scandinavian country again in the near future.

Norway in a Nutshell


  1. Jolene

    Nice nice – love how Norway came up trumps (as it should😜)! Happy new year and hope to share more of the journey with you ☺️

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