In less than 24 hours, 2016 will come to an end. Master and I would like to devote the last post of this year to one of the toughest cities we have ever known – Berlin. After Hamburg, Berlin is the city that we are most familiar with.

In my opinion, no capital on this Earth understands the word “resilient” more than Berlin. The city was devastated by two world wars, partly destroyed by the East German regime, and recently it has been wounded by terrorism. But such atrocity could not hold the city down. Berlin and its people always bounced back. Just one day after the attack, the Christmas markets were reopened and crowds still come to enjoy mulled wines and other delicacies despite the fear of being targeted again. They returned to show solidarity, unity, and their stances against terrorism. “They are Berliners after all, I think they won’t let anyone or anything took their freedom away”, Master told me.


  1. I missed Germany during my last European adventure despite having booked to go. Sadly I had to do some work and had to stay in London. I’ll definitely visit Germany next time I’m in Europe.. hopefully this year.
    I do think as well it is resilient. That’s great that they didn’t let terrorism take away it’s spirit. It would have been miserable for the Christmas Market to have remained closed.

      1. By the way, if you intend to visit the dome of the Reichstag Building, I suggest you register in advance 🙂 Or else you can only see it from afar.

      2. Ohh right that’s something we never knew actually. Thanks for letting me know 🙂 We intend to visit the dome so will look into this! Cheers again, Len

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