There is no sound, no voice

No disturbance.

In this library of light.

Only me,

My book and my own solitude.

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart

That was my thought while standing in the hall of this nine-storey library building. Completed in 2011, the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (Stuttgart City Library) rises like a clean-cut crystalline cube at the heart of the city. The interior circulation is arranged in a spiral among the reading gallery areas, designed to be flowing promenades flooded with light from the glass roof. It is not a tourist attraction but thanks to a friend who is living there, we, fortunately, found out about this amazing place.


    1. Indeed 🙂 For me, it resembles a massive medical laboratory, most things are white/grey, except the sofas, the books and the visitors.

    1. Indeed! Unlike other libraries where I am suffocated by their stiff and structured architecture, it is surprisingly pleasant here. I am glad that you like my photo and thanks for visiting, Andi 🙂

      1. I love all libraries, no matter the style, the old and the new but yes, this is very light in both sense of the word.

    1. It is a work of a Korean architecture company 🙂 I read that they designed the interior based on the Pantheon, with the light source as the center of the hall.

  1. Wonderful capture, and wondeful interpretation of this library. With a glass ceiling that allows light to come through in the day, it sounds like the place that encourages one to read, find knowledge and see the light 🙂

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