Strolling across Charles Bridge is definitively everybody’s favourite activity while being in Prague. Completed at the beginning of the 15th century, the stone bridge that crosses the lovely River Vltava is the iconic symbol of the city and one of the nation’s monuments. Not surprisingly, people from around the world have come in droves, and the bridge is extremely popular among couples. Charles Bridges has sometimes referred as the Bridge of Love thanks to many padlocks of love on the bridge. The locks are undoubtedly cute, however, in my opinion, love can be expressed without a lock or even a single word.

Lovers of Prague

I cannot tell their story nor do I understand their language. But I assumed that they were freshly engaged/married. She got a ring on her finger while he was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Regardless their story, joy and happiness are what I could see from these lovers. Here on Charles Bridge, these two are totally fallen in love with each other and I wish that their love will last long.


  1. Hihi, happy valentines! Cute Valentines post 😜
    How long did you spend in Prague? Would you recommend going out to see the Dancing House if I would only be in Prague for one day??

    1. Thanks, Jolene! The Dancing House is not far from the city center, so I think you can make it after seeing the castle and the old town (you can go there with either bus or subway). The castle and tower have limited opening hours, while the house does not 🙂 Actually, the house looks only extraordinary from outside. There is a restaurant inside but not particularly interesting.
      If you have more time, I would recommend a visit to Vysehrad fort 🙂 It has a great panorama view and a beautiful church.

      1. I love weird architecture haha. There is a similar building here in Sydney (part of a university complex) called Dr Chau Chak Wing building, Google it. I’ll Google the Vysehrad place and see if it can fit in the schedule thanks…

      2. The building looks really interesting, like the surface of a liquid 🙂 It reminds me of a building in Groningen (the HQ of an oil company) which also has a very strange facade.

  2. You take fantastic photos! That photo is so gorgeous ❤ I think the couple in the photo would be very happy to receive this photo 😛 I assume they didn't know they were being photographed?
    And Prague is one of the most romantic/beautiful cities in the whole world I think. Charles Bridge no matter how touristy is one of my favorite spots in the city. Bridges are always so romantic aren't they 😛 And with surrounding views like that, even more so!! 🙂

    1. No, they did not know they were photographed 🙂 But I think they won’t complain. At first, I was a bit annoyed because they seemingly “bomb” my photo, but it turned out great. Lucky shot, I guess 😉
      I love Charles Bridge too, especially at dusk and night. And the view from one of its tower is breath-taking!

  3. Amazing photo!❤

    Oh God, that awful tradition of the locks started in Ponte Milvio in Rome some years ago (because of a book for teenagers) and spread around like the plague.

    1. I agree. It is a bit disturbing, they lock everywhere they can (I saw some even on a window of a church in Hamburg). But I cannot see the point of this whole “ritual”. You lock your teenage love with someone, with whom you will highly unlikely marry? Make no sense to me 🙂

      1. I know, it does not make sense, but this “ritual” was described in a book for teenagers and it took place in Ponte Milvio: from that moment the craze started…in Italy they started to appear literally everywhere and the local administrations at a certain point had to put a stop, as the weight of those locks made some lampposts collapse ://

  4. Oh, that’s simply lovely, Ken. Congratulations for the picture, you were very lucky to find such a couple manifesting their love on Charles Bridge in Prague, and very skillful to capture all those emotions in the picture (having Prague in the background also helps 😉 )

    1. Many thanks for the nomination, Rihanne and Sean 🙂 I really appreciate that, but unfortunately I obtained the award not long ago. Ricci (who nominated me) raised similar questions as yours, so you can check out my Liebster Award post if you want to know my answers 😉
      By the way, I would love to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. In my opinion, your blog has great content and the photos are awesome. That’s why I would love to know more about the authors of those articles 😉

      1. That’s completely understandable Len.. you can add it into the records, Liebster x2 lol. Wow thanks so much, we greatly appreciate this and we will have our post up 🙂 thanks again it means a lot!

    1. Many thanks, Iriz! I normally use Nik Collection (a program from Google) to edit my photos. It is not as professional as Lightroom or Photoshop, but it works relatively well. On some rare occasions (when I have access to my brother laptop), I made some experiments with Lightroom 🙂 But for most photos that I used in this blog, I edited them with Nik Collection.

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