Burg Hohenzollern is one of Germany’s most imposing castles. Each year, it welcomes over 300,000 visitors from around the world. With its many turrets and battlements rising dramatically above the town of Hechingen, it is an architectural masterpiece of the 19th century and a must-see when visiting the region.

Tiếng Việt

Standing at a picturesque location – atop a 234m high mountain surrounded by vast green fields, Burg Hohenzollern is undoubtedly one of its kind. The neo-Gothic castle is the ancestral seat of the mighty House of Hohenzollern who ruled over Hohenzollern, Brandenburg, Prussia, the German Empire and Romania for centuries.

The Courtyard
The Courtyard

Burg Hohenzollern was presumedly built in the first decade of 11th century. But by the 13th century, it was completely destroyed and its size and appearance remain unknown. From 1454, the second Burg Hohenzollern was constructed on the same location, bigger and more fortified than before.

Hohenzollern 3
View from one of the battlements

During the Thirty Years War, it was converted into a formidable fortress. However, as a result of repeatedly changing owners, most of the building was neglected and ruined, only the Chapel of St. Michael remained usable. In 1819, Crown Prince Frederik of Prussia decided to bring glory back to his ancestral seat by reconstructing Burg Hohenzollern. Today, the castle is privately owned by the successor of the Hohenzollern and the admission fee is used to maintain and renovate the castle.

Hohenzollern 2
The Chapel of St.Michel. Inspired by the Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Practical Information

  • Burg Hohenzollern is located 60 kilometres south-west of Stuttgart. Frequent trains link Stuttgart Hbf with Hechingen Hbf (Duration: 60 minutes). From Hechingen Hbf, take bus 307 to the castle’s car park. The buses are timed to coincide with the trains.
  • A region ticket (19€) allow you to use both the buses and trains the whole day.
  • From the car park, you can either hike to the castle (25-30 minutes) or take a van which costs about 3€ for a 10 minutes trip.
  • Guided tours take around 35 min. But if you prefer to explore the castle at your own pace (like we did), visit the castle on Royal Castle Stroll Day. On these special days, all the chambers are opened and there is a guide in each room, who is ready to answer your questions.
Hohenzollern 5
Grafensaal © R.Beck – Zollernalb
  • Drones are forbidden in the area. So the only way to have a panorama view over the castle is travelling to Zeller Horn (final destination of bus 307), a mini-mountain located south-west of Hechingen. It is cumbersome but the view is really worth a trip.
Hohenzollern 1
Burg Hohenzollern

Di sản của dòng họ Hohenzollern

Nằm trên một vị trí tuyệt đẹp – trên đỉnh một ngọn núi  cao 234m, xung quanh là những cánh đồng trải dài đến ngút tầm mắt, lâu đài Hohenzollern tưởng chừng như chỉ có trong truyện cổ tích. Lâu đài nằm ở vùng Tây Nam nước Đức này thu hút hơn 300,000 du khách mỗi năm và được xếp thứ hai trong danh sách những lâu đài ấn tượng nhất nước Đức (chỉ sau lâu đài Neuschwanstein).

Hohenzollern 1
View from Zeller Horn
Hohenzollern 3
View from one of the battlements

Lâu đài Hohenzollern mang phong cách Neo-Gothic là một di sản của gia tộc Hohenzollern. Gia tộc danh giá này từng trị vì vùng Hohenzollern, vùng Brandenburg, vương quốc Phổ, Đế Chế Đức (bao gồm nước Đức ngày nay, Ba Lan và một phần Cộng Hòa Czech), và Rumani trong suốt nhiều thế kỉ.

The Courtyard
The Courtyard

Lâu đài được xây dựng từ khoảng thế kỉ thứ 11. Nhưng đến thế kỉ thứ 13, nó bị phá hủy hoàn toàn và không ai biết nó có hình dáng và kích cỡ ra sao. Đến năm 1454, một lâu đài Hohenzollern thứ hai lại được xây dựng trên nền của lâu đài cũ, vĩ đại và chắc chắn hơn. Nhưng sau nhiều lần đổi chủ, lâu đài Hohenzollern lại một lần nữa bị lãng quên và dần suy tàn. Mãi đến thế kỉ 19, Thái Tử Frederik của vương quốc Phổ mới cho trùng tu lại lâu đài và từ đó những thế hệ sau chịu trách nhiệm giữ gìn di sản này. Ngày nay, Hohenzollern vẫn thuộc quyền sở hữu của dòng họ Hohenzollern, mặc dù chế độ phong kiến ở Đức đã bị xóa bỏ từ đầu thế kỉ 20.

Hohenzollern 2
The Chapel of St.Michel. Inspired by the Sainte Chapelle in Paris
Hohenzollern 5
Grafensaal © R.Beck – Zollernalb

Một số thông tin cần biết

  • Lâu đài Hohenzollern thuộc thị trấn Hechingen, khoảng 60 km về phía nam của Stuttgart. Tàu chạy thường xuyên giữa Stuttgart và Hechingen (mất khoảng 60 phút). Từ Hechingen thì có bus 307 đến bãi giữ xe của lâu đài. Mua vé bang (19€) sẽ có lợi hơn vì nó cho phép bạn sử dụng phương tiện công cộng không giới hạn trong 1 ngày.
  • Từ bãi giữ xe thì bạn có thể đi bộ (25-30 phút) hoặc đi shuttle bus lên lâu đài (10 phút), Giá vé tầm 2-3€/lượt.
  • Drone và các loại fly-cam bị cấm sử dụng ở khu vực này. Nên nếu bạn muốn chụp panorama, bạn phải đi đến Zeller Horn (trạm cuối của bus 307). Zeller Horn là một ngọn núi ở phía Nam của lâu đài.


  1. Fantastic! Have not touched it though heard of it.
    How does the interior of the castle looked like? Did it have many chambers of different themes as some of the other Palace castles?

    1. Yes, it does. But the decoration is not much different either. I think the European royalties have similar taste 🙂 The most impressive chambers are the Grafensaal (the Hall of Earl) and the Treasury where holds the crowns and the royal sceptres 🙂

  2. Haven’t heard of this one, but it looks as though Germany is dotted with castles like this? Very majestic though 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jolene! In the southern and central part of Germany, you will surely find a few castles like this. But in the northern and eastern part, most castles are built either near a lake or a river. Marienburg is an exception 🙂

  3. thanks for the tip where to take a panorama view!) This castle is on my list of places to visit in the near future))
    I heard that drones are forbidden there and was wondering if it is possible to take a panorama picture from the ground) Now I know 🙂

    1. You welcome 🙂 If you have a car, it will be easier for you. The bus can bring you to Zeller Horn, but there are not so many buses. If you miss one, you will have to wait like hours to return to Hohenzollern or Hechingen. From Zeller Horn, you can also walk to Hohenzollern. But I am not a hiker-type so it is not an option for me 🙂

      1. It look not so far from Zeller Horn, and the terrains is not so challenging. But I don’t know exactly how long it will take. Maybe you can tell me someday 🙂

      1. Haha a camera that can response 🙂 Unique, am I? Well, not many people realized that Len is a camera. But I don’t want to make my readers confused so it is fine to call me Len. Because I often travel alone so I humanized my camera so that it can be my companion. It is also easier for me to write as “we” than as “I”.
        Thanks for your compliments! I really appreciate it. I am glad to find your blog as well. Skillfully written content, with great photos and a lot of useful tips. Looking forward to read more in the future! Cheers 😉

      2. Well I cannot fight the uniqueness of a talking camera, eh. Thank you for the lovely words 🙂 Time to travel through each other’s blogs then. Cheers.

    1. Hehe tháng 6 này ba mẹ a sang nên làm tour Đông Âu: Ba Lan, Czech, Hungaria, Áo các kiểu 🙂 Mấy chỗ này e đi hết rồi. Còn sau khi nộp bài thì chưa biết. Còn tùy vào budget haha. Nếu còn nhiều đạn chúng ta có thể hội ngộ ở Oslo 😀 Thế e với hubby có plan gì chưa?

    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment! It is great to hear that you like my blog 🙂 Thanks for following and I hope I can bring you better content in the future. Cheers!

    1. I agree! Its combination of nature and castles is totally different than what we do have here in the North. It appears more dramatic and somehow, as you said, incredibly romantic.

  4. Beautiful castle. I was very close this year to travelling to Stuttgart. But I was not aware until now of this amazing castle. The list of “things to see” has grown:)

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