Quote of the Day – 25.05.2019

The hand is the tool of tools


Takoyaki - fried octopus
Hands making Takoyaki – fried octopus
Daibutsu in Nara
The giant hand of Daibutsu – A work of human hands
Robot wearing kimono
Robotic hands in Kyoto – Can they replace human hands?

Only human hands can create such pieces of art (the Takoyaki is no exception). These photos are my entry for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Hands.


    1. Len Kagami

      I have never thought how sophisticated our hand is until the day my mom’s hands got injured. Things that look simple suddenly became so difficult. The hands, specifically the thumbs, make us different than other apes 🙂

      1. Forestwood

        My father lost his thumb and index finger on his right hand as a young man in a car accident. He had to learn to do everything with his left hand.

      2. Forestwood

        Surprisingly, he adapted well,had a successful technical career and to his resilient hard core credit, the disability never embarassed him.

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