Quote of the Day – 27.07.19

Everything is sculpture.
Any idea, any material without hindrance born into space, I consider sculpture

Isamu Noguchi

Pallas Athena in front of the Austrian Parliament Building
Sculpture made of white marble in Vienna
Statues in Vigeland Park
Sculptures made of stone in Oslo
Sculpture made of steel in Brussels
Boy by Ron Mueck - An icon of ARoS Museum
Sculpture made of wax in Aarhus
The Great Unification Buddha
Sculpture made of bronze in Seoraksan
One of the Four Heavenly Kings
Sculpture made of wood in Nara
Leshan Giant Buddha
Sculpture made of red sandstone in Sichuan

In this week’s challenge, Frank from Dutch goes the Photo want us to capture some sculptures. Though I’m more a fan of painting, I still find sculptures fascinating. There are only a few materials on which painters can work on, but sculptors can work with nearly everything: from as hard as rocks to as soft as wax. Under the hand of these artists, even stones can have souls.


    1. Len Kagami

      I guess the stadium is a better place for him 🙂 He is too big for a museum’s hall. Despite his size, I was surprised by how intricate the figure is. You can even see dots in the pupils or even skin cells.

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