Quote of the Day – 09.10.2019

The basis of tourism is perception of otherness, of something being different from the usual.

Lucy M. Long

Audience Chamber
To travel is to learn about the history
The eagle and its trainer
To travel is to learn about the new culture
The valley was cloaked in the colour of autumn
To travel is to enjoy the beauty of nature
Each page of the goshuinchō is a different painting
To travel is to experience new things

Tourism is the topic of this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge. It’s a pretty broad term so I decided to focus on the basis of it. I asked my self: “What is the purpose of my trips?”. For the sake of beautiful photos? Or to show-off to my peers? No, I travel because I’m curious. I want to see different places, learn about different cultures, and probably have a taste of them. I don’t travel to a specific destination because everyone else did, and certainly, I don’t do so for Instagramable photos.


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