Quote of the Day – 21.11.2019

I love fantasy; I love imagination – that’s the inner child in me.

Hannah John-Kamen

Mont Saint Michel at dusk
A floating castle
The tree-lined path leading to Marienburg
A fairy tale castle. Does it look like the place where Princess Aurora slept?
I call this place Belle’s village. It resembles the town where Belle lives before moving into the Beast’s castle.
A-Mei Teahouse
Does anyone want to have tea at this otherworldly teahouse?
The Garden of Amboise Castle
This manicured garden resembles the one in the famous novel, Alice in Wonderland
Cherry blossom tree in Koyasan
I remember seeing such a miracle only in video games

These photos are my contribution to Frank’s Photo Challenge – Fantasy. Just like Hannah John-Kamen, the inner child in me keeps seeking fragments of fantasy during our trips. It could be a castle, a quaint village or simply a beautiful cherry blossom tree.


  1. Jolene

    Beautiful – definitely deserving of a fantasy trophy. Where is the tea house? 😀
    I might go to Vietnam early next year, if we could only do Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi which city would be best? I hear the cities are very different…

    1. Len Kagami

      It depends on what you want to see 🙂 If you want to learn about the Vietnamese culture and tradition, Hanoi would be a better choice. From there, you can easily go to Halong Bay, Ninh Binh or the Northern mountain range. The weather might be cold though.

      Ho Chi Minh City (still known as Saigon), on the other hand, is a financial hub. Some people say it’s just a big city, without any difference to Bangkok. Attractions are concentrated in the city centre, and one (max. two) day is enough to see them all. Many tourists use Saigon as base to explore the Mekong Delta and Cambodia. But for a resident like me, I found it’s more livable than the capital. Less formal, more cosmopolitan and you will never get hungry 🙂

      I would suggest Da Nang / Hoi An on the central part, if you only want to chill for a few days. If you have more time, you can visit Hue – the imperial city. But I don’t know whether there is a direct flight from Australia to Da Nang.

      By the way, the teahouse is in Jiufen. I visited Taiwan two weeks ago. But I’m too lazy to write any new post 😛

      1. Jolene

        Thank you so much for the suggestions Len! My heart is telling me to go Hanoi but my head is saying HCMC. We won’t have much time so it’s just a couple of days or so (we’ll be transiting on our way back from China). I like the western influences on the city, and definitely the sound of “never get hungry” haha! If we had more time I think the northern part of Vietnam is well worth seeing.
        Oh is it your first time in Taiwan? I assume you went Taipei, there’s plenty of night markets there.

      2. Len Kagami

        Hehe I visited a few night markets during my stay. This was my second visit to Taiwan. The first one was in 2012. But I travelled with a tour and it was really bad. I could barely remember anything about that trip. This time, I visited Taipei and Taichung. Both are great destinations. Many things to see, do and eat 😛

      3. Jolene

        Oh interesting! I haven’t been Taichung. Heard that Taiwan is prone to earthquakes like Japan… always a bit scared by that.
        I’ll let you know if we end up deciding to visit Vietnam, you can tell me your favourite local eateries!! 😍🤩

    1. Len Kagami

      Well, some people say that Mont St. Michel is grander in term of appearance, thanks to the high towers. Perhaps you can make a comparison after your visit to Normandy 😛

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