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15 thoughts on “A Simple Guide to Busan”

  1. This is probably one of the most appealing blog posts on Busan that I’ve ever stumbled upon. The beach, the seafood, and the ultramodern venue for the film festival are enough reason for me to go. That spoon worm sashimi does look a little off-putting, though. But I bet it tasted really good.

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Bama! 🙂 The worm is not very tasty, just succulent. Good for one or two Soju 🙂 But I would suggest trying something more ordinary, such as the crab or the shellfish. Seriously, I have to close my eyes when putting it in my mouth haha

    1. I am glad that my post can inspire you! Aside from the scenery, the Korean culture is quite interesting. I think you will love it, especially the tasty grilled dishes 🙂

  2. Wow that’s a lot of good info and great photos of Busan! For some reason, glitzy Seoul and Korean foods are the only things that pop to my mind when I picture South Korea, never the sea. 🙂

    1. Well the beach in Korea is not as great as in other countries (the water is cold and it often doesn’t have the blue hue), but the coastal area is pretty amazing. Wait until the Jeju post and you will see 😉

    1. Many thanks! It’s indeed an extraodinary building in Busan. Especially at night when it turns into a piece of art 🙂

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