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50 thoughts on “A Sweet Journey to Brussels”

  1. Aha! I think your next post will need to be titled “best dentist in Europe”. Such a mind-blowing assortment… (I’m so happy to have guessed the city correctly when I saw the title of the post 😄)

    1. Thanks for the idea! After eating too much sweets in Belgium, you can fly to Hungary – dental hub in Europe for treatment 🙂

  2. My favourite in Brussels is Pierre Marcolini’s macarons. They are some of the best I have ever had. Have you tried them? Alongside those delicious pastries are frites which promise a direct ticket to fatty heaven.

    1. Oh, I think I saw that store. Gorgeous macarons put in lovely pink box. But it was closed during Easter so I could only see from outside 🙁

      1. Oh yes you did see it then. It is in that lovely galleria. If you do get the chance, pop in and gift yourself a box 😀

    1. Oh yeah, the most dangerous stuff in Brussels! But I did not have any good photos, except the one in Neuhaus that I posted in the previous post. I was so busy eating and trying, forgot to make photo 🙂

  3. Succumbing to the temptation of chocolate is something I can imagine myself to be in when I go back to Brussels (hopefully for a longer time) one day. Fortunately it’s almost dinner time here, so I don’t need to bear the torture for too long.

    1. HAHA. A nice way to save yourself from this sin 🙂 Once you try it, you will never get enough. So sinful things!

  4. oh my… what are the things in the second picture? I remember trying one somewhere in Paris, but I’m not sure if it’s the same thing!! I even prefer salty food over sweet food, but these balls were just too good.

    1. They are egg white from Aux Merveilleux. They melt in your mouth! The shop keeper told me that there are shops in Paris and Berlin too. I guess that’s where you tried them 🙂

    1. Large consumption of this stuff would be bad for our health and our wallet. But I think it’s acceptable once in a while 🙂 Besides, they are purchasable in pieces. So you don’t have to buy the whole box which might cost a fortune.

  5. Oh, you should come someday to Switzerland… I like Belgium chocolate, but I think Swiss chocolate is muuuch better! I’m pretty sure is the milk, hehehe 😛
    Anyway, fantastic photos! Mouthwatering! 🙂

    1. I’m sure that the milk contributes to the fame of Swiss chocolate 😛 Milk chocolate of Lindt and Nestle are so popular that you can find them in nearly every country.

      1. Milk is everything, hehehe! And here in Switzerland they have some of the best I’ve ever tried! Yes, Nestle and Lindt and Milka are quite famous outside Switzerland, but they’re not the best. Belgium has Neuhaus, Switzerland has Sprüngli and Läderach… the chocolate from those two is like eating a piece of heaven 🙂

      2. Well, I haven’t tried Läderach, but I tried those from Sprüngli. Save it for next time 😛

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