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17 thoughts on “Berlin Mitte: The City’s Heart and Soul”

  1. Great overview of Berlin’s heart and soul, so many amazing sites! Is the wall mural also nearby? Loved the glass dome… 😍

  2. Berlin has been on my wish list for quite some time, and there’s one place in the city I most want to visit: the Museum Island. To make it even more specific, I really want to see the Ishtar Gate for its blue color and sculpted animals have caught my attention since the country where they’re from is still not too conducive for tourism. Glad you wrote this post so I can remind myself to make that trip to Berlin come true one day.

    1. Ah I can remember that beautiful blue gate. Unfortunately, I could only see half of it during my visit. The other half was scaffold because of the renovation. If you intend to see it, come back after 2019 (estimated time only). I was somewhat disappointed because I couldn’t see the Pergamon Altar. There are only pictures of it, the real one is wrapped in fabric 🙁

      If you can’t wait, you can travel to Iran 🙂 As an Indonesian citizen, you can easily get a visa on arrival. From what I have heard , it’s very safe there and Iranian are very welcome to tourists. I personally know a few Iranians, and they told me Iran is not as bad as the media painted. The only obstacle for travelling is that you have to carry cash with you.

      1. Ugh, that must have been very disappointing. Well, things like this do happen — when I went to Angkor Wat seven years ago some parts were covered in scaffolding.

        I’ve been really interested in visiting Iran since probably 2012, and since it is now easier for Indonesians to go it remains high on my wish list. We’ll see though because I feel like for Iran I need at least two weeks, and working in Asia means sometimes you don’t have the luxury to travel that long.

      2. Indeed. In Vietnam, the only long holiday we get is the Tet holiday 🙁 But even so, we only have maximum 9-10 days.

  3. Cô mong sẽ có dịp đến nơi này trước khi chết. Không chỉ ngắm, mà muốn đặt tay lên mấy cái cột khổng lồ này.

    1. Nếu cô có plan đi thì chờ sau năm 2019 đi ạ. Dự tính lúc đó thì việc sửa chữa sẽ hoàn thành, nhưng mấy người Đức này làm cũng hay delay lắm. Chứ bây giờ ở Berlin công trường xây dựng khắp nơi. Chụp ảnh thì dễ bị scaffold hay crane che lắm. Nhiều hiện vật người ta cũng không trưng bày cho mình xem.

      Nếu cô có hứng thú với lịch sử thì Berlin rất đáng để đi. Giá cả ở Berlin thì cháu thấy rẻ so với nhiều thành phố khác ở Đức và châu Âu. Đồ ăn cũng phong phú, nếu cô muốn ăn đồ Việt thì Berlin là thủ phủ rồi.

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