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Saint Gall: A Cultural Gem in Eastern Switzerland

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Having neither a stunning blue lake like Lucerne nor impressive snow-capped mountains, the town of Saint Gall in eastern Switzerland might not be high on the list of the country’s top destinations. However, if you walk inside the Abbey of Saint Gall with its unmistakable twin towers, you can discover a true cultural gem.

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Lucerne: A Picturesque Lakeside City

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Owning a pristine blue lake, a glamorous promenade, and an old town that is as lovely as a children’s book, it is no difficult to understand why Lucerne attracts so many visitors. Its name is derived from the Latin word Luciaria, which means “the city of light” – a popular sobriquet for this stunning lakeside city.

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Basel: Art and Architecture

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Housing an international art fair, several world-class museums, as well as countless galleries and exhibitions, it’s not exaggerated to call Basel Switzerland’s capital of art. Together with a beautiful old town and modern buildings designed by famous contemporary architects, the city is truly a paradise for whoever loves art and architecture.

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