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20 thoughts on “The Art of Soap Making in Florence”

    1. Neither did I, until I found the shop in Florence 🙂 Before that, I only knew about their famous rose water. Although the soap is really good, it is still somehow less popular than the French one.

    1. Same here. A few days was not enough for this city 🙁 I wish I could have more time to check the surrounding hills.

  1. They’re much recent inventions, but it’s also here where rose water and talcum powder were created!

  2. Such feminine looking soaps… Did you stock up on leather handbags to give to your girlfriend / wife / mum?? When I was there I saw bus loads of Chinese tourists just going straight to the main duty free shop… 😂

    1. I think the tour guides / travel agencies intentionally lure them there because of the provision. But honestly, the stuff in duty free shop is available everywhere. Make no sense to me 🙂 I bought the lemon soap for my mom as a souvenir. A much lighter souvenir in comparison to Florence’s famous rose water 😉

  3. I didn’t know that Florence is famous for its soap, rose water, and talcum powder as one of your readers pointed out. Did you notice their scent emanating through the city’s air? That would be very fascinating, walking around those impressive buildings with a hint of fruits or rose in the air!

    1. Unfortunately, you can only smell it in the shops 🙁 Due to the heavy crowd on the street of Florence, you can only smell “human” most of the time, especially in summer. And the factories lie in the outskirt of the city. I would love to have a chance to visit them 🙂

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