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21 thoughts on “Gangnam: From Zero to Hero”

  1. What a great article. That library is amazing – very smart of them to place it in the mall.
    Really enjoyed the image of old and new – really transported me to the place and allowed me to get a deeper sense of the beautiful contrast this city seems to provide. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a vibrant clash of colours and culture! You have captured them really well. Those windows are gorgeous… 🤩

  3. Wow I’d love to go see that area one day! The photos from the temples are stunning – with all that autumn scenery. There are not that many high-rise buildings or rich areas in the city where I live in Poland so I am always attracted to skyscrapers, glitz and lights hehe.

    1. Haha we share similar taste, Pooja 🙂 Some people might argue those glitz and lights cause light-polluted. But the evening sky would be boring (even fearful) without them. I visited Hong Kong last month and I think the city would be nothing if they turn off all the neon-signs.

  4. Thanks for taking me to parts of Seoul I didn’t have enough time to visit when I went to the city in April last year. Gangnam looks more interesting than I thought! That library looks like a really nice place to read books, or just to wind down.

    1. You welcome, Bama! The library is truly a unique place! But it is a bit noisy, especially at mid-day. So it might not be suitable for studying 🙂

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