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39 thoughts on “Prague: The Charms of Czech Capital”

  1. Ah Prague – one of my all-time favorite cities and my Polish friends never understand why – because I think they have similar architecture and culture. Prague is such a gorgeous city. Great photos as always!

  2. Like Budapest, Prague is one of Central Europe’s most endearing cities which I have been dreaming of visiting. Based on this post and what others said about Prague, the Czech capital looks like one of those places that are popular with tourists for obvious reasons — and going there instead of avoiding it altogether would always be rewarding. However, I’m quite curious about which one you like better, Prague or Budapest (not that you have to compare the two or choose between them)?

    1. Personally, I like Budapest more. Both cities look stunning, but I like the food scene in Budapest more than the one in Prague. Czech specialties are much similar to those of Germany so they are not really appealing to me. Additionally, my dad’s wallet was stolen in Prague. So I guess we have a personal reason to dislike Prague 🙂

  3. Amazing photos as always! reminded me of our trip.. totally agree about the pick pocketers. I had a near save incident and anyways didn’t have much in my purse except my phone.

  4. So much has changed since we visited. Such as the dancing house. We did not stroll across the Charles bridge and rub the statue, so that is the reason we will go back!

  5. Your photos are stunning (as usual) and they transport me back to the magical time we had in Prague last December. It does not get more fairy-tale than Prague 🙂

  6. Very charming place indeed! Although visiting it once was personally enough for me… You seem to explore a lot of places when you travel, how long does it take you to plan for a trip like this??

    1. Normally 6 months in advance 🙂 A lot of research. For big cities I usually plan at least 3 days. Even so, I still made some mistakes. Things do not always run as plan 🙂

  7. I ‘m gonna travel to Prague in two weeks from now. I just come across your article and I could see thanks to it that is a good destination. I really like the photos. What kind of camera did you use?

      1. I recently started to post some articles here. In the future I will be writing about my trips too. For now I giving just general advice. It will be nice if you can check my blog and tell me what you think about it.

        Have a nice day !! 🙂

  8. What an extraordinarily beautiful city! I especially love the bridge. What month did you travel there? I’ve read that Prague, like Venice and other popular European cities, can get crazy busy. Sad about the pickpocketing.

    1. I was there in June. It got dark pretty late, so I had more time to explore the city. But it’s pretty crowded, especially during the day. If you want to capture the Charles Bridge, be there at sunrise (or earlier).

      Coming from Saigon, I thought I was prepared for those petty crimes. But I was wrong 🙂 The thieves in Prague are in a different level.

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