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6 thoughts on “Saigon: A Patchwork of Architectural Styles”

  1. My last visit to Saigon was in 1995. The city certainly has changed a lot since then!

    1. Leaving the city for a few years and you can hardly recognise it at all. There was always something new in town, every 6-8 months. But now, the pandemic stopped all that…

  2. I really enjoyed exploring those buildings with different architectural styles vicariously through your photos. Those beautiful structures built by the French are quite a contrast to the buildings the Dutch erected here in Indonesia which emphasized on functionality over beauty. I wonder why Alfred Foulhoux is not widely accredited as the architect of the Central Post Office in Saigon. I, too, thought it was designed by Gustave Eiffel. How’s the Covid-19 situation in Saigon? I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy throughout this pandemic.

    1. My hypothesis is that Eiffel might involve in some stages, for example, the iron frame. However, “designed by Eiffel” would be easier to promote than an unknown architect 🙂
      Well, we are still under strict lockdown here. Even though 80% of the city population received the first jab, infection and fatality rate is still high. I guess it might take several weeks more to see the effect of vaccine. Thank you and I wish you the same, Bama. Keep our spirits up!

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