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9 thoughts on “Seoraksan: The Autumn Destination”

  1. The lights and the colors of the autumn foliage are just so beautiful! You couldn’t have picked a better time to visit Korea. I wonder, though, how popular Mt Seoraksan was when you were there because I think it’s quite well-known among Indonesian tourists, and maybe also among others who come from different countries.

    1. It’s indeed very popular! Not only foreign tourists but also the Koreans flock here to enjoy the landscape 🙂 The only way to avoid the massive crowd is to spend a night in the immediate vicinity and go to the park early on the next day; before the first tour buses arrive.

  2. Pretty cool! We visited Sereoksan last fall. 🙂 It was swarming with local tourists. We couldn’t hike the famous peak though because we didn’t have the time.

    1. I guess autumn is the peak season. When I was there the first time, there is a huge crowd and the cable car tickets were sold out. Had to go back there next day, at 6:00 AM 🙂 But it’s definitely worthy!

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