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21 thoughts on “A Weekend Retreat at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay”

  1. The views are so pristine Len! Love the interior decor of the wooden villas, I can imagine how peaceful and nourishing this place would be. Perfect place to reflect and escape from it all.
    It must be very expensive, you must have had a lot of big red packets haha. 🤣

    1. Haha I wish! I became very few red packets this year. They said I am too old for that 🙁
      Actually, we spent points for this vacation. It was some kind of “holiday voucher” that the resort sold a long time ago. Back then I was in Hamburg, so we didn’t use it.

    1. It was indeed. But only during the day 🙂 At night, it was a bit itchy to sit there because of the mosquitoes. They really “love” me!

      1. Bingo! Even among a group of people with bloodtype O (my parents and brother), they still can detect me first 🙂

    1. Thank you! Do you live directly in Nha Trang? I found the city is quite nice as well. I might come back when it’s more relaxing 🙂 It was jammed with people during the holiday. Or is it always crowded like that?

      1. My home is in Ninh Hoa town, abt 40km away from Nha Trang to the North, paradise of local food, for me at least LOL. The city used to be quiet but too many tourists recently, almost all the time (maybe increase 50% on holiday and esp. from China), except for some remote resort as Ninh Van Bay.

      2. Cool 🙂 Is your hometown close to Dốc Lết? I have heard about it through a hotel staff. He told me that there is another beautiful beach where you can see the depth just 20km from the resort.

  2. Wow, the water looks beautiful! Almost no waves from what I see. I somehow always thought that the sea is not that crystal clear (compared to Indonesia, Thailand or the Philippines) in Vietnam but your photos prove that I was wrong 🙂 I’d love to visit Vietnam one day! I knew a lot of Vietnamese people back in Finland when I was studying and I was always impressed how their parties always had so many good food hehe.

    1. The option is endless, right? Which one did you try and which one is your favourite? 😉
      You are partly right about the sea in Vietnam. It’s indeed cloudy in the northern and southern Vietnam, probably because of the rivers carrying clay and sand. Sea water in the central part is much clearer, thus the most popular beaches are located there 🙂

      1. I can’t really remember any particular names, but I liked spring rolls (in rice paper) and the classic pho 🙂 One of the girls I knew was very creative with making food, and I liked everything she cooked, something as simple as tofu with rice.

  3. Nha Trang is another part of Vietnam I really want to visit, largely thanks to its Cham temples. Have you been to Po Klong Garai? The Cham towers look even more impressive there. I wonder if a trip to that part of Vietnam should include Ninh Van Bay as well since the place looks perfect for a retreat.

    1. I saw the temples while traveling from the resort to Nha Trang. But my stay in the city was too short, didn’t have time to visit them. From afar, they look indeed bigger than the one in My Son 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness this place looks like absolute heaven. How lucky you are to be able to stay there, and thank you for transporting me along with you.

  5. Amazing photos, and the views are simply stunning! What a piece of heaven, love the wooden villas and the decor is so elegant!

  6. What a wonderful write up of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Len. The place really does sound like a hideaway, with centuries-old trees preserved. Stunning beach and great captures. Clear water quietness is such a treat at the beach, and lovely you got to experience that. For me, I like all that and also soft sand at beaches 🙂

    1. We all do 🙂 Thank you for the nice words, Mabel. If you like beaches you should make a trip along the central coast of Vietnam. It might be less dramatic than Australian coasts, but you will find plenty of beaches with soft sand and turquoise (warm) water.

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