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6 thoughts on “Subak: The Path of Water in Bali”

  1. An entire post about subak! Balinese will definitely appreciate this post for this is an aspect of the island often overlooked by visitors. The story and the photos really made me miss Bali, an island I love so much but haven’t seen for seven years.

    1. I found the subak fascinating. There are rice terraces in Vietnam, China, the Philippines. But none has such a sophisticated system as in Bali. Simply brilliant!

      Btw, what is the correct pronunciation? Do you say it su-pak or su-bak? 🙂 I heard both so I am not so sure.

  2. What a delight this was. The Balinese are so sophisticated, in a way that most of the western world would not understand. Their connection with the land and with spirit is something we all need, and something they never seem to have lost. Beautiful transporting photos.

    1. It is the work of genius! Nowhere in the world has such a unique system. They cleverly combine religious and engineering. I think the modern world should learn one or two things from the ancient Balinese. Yes, we are producing more crops than ever but we are destroying the planet and ourselves faster than ever.

      Thank you for your compliment, Alison 🙂

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