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Mekong Delta: In Search of the Cultural Heritages

Tiếng Việt

For many tourists, the Mekong Delta brings to mind a fertile landscape filled with fruit orchards, paddy fields, and myriad waterways. But if you dive deeper, you will realise that this land has no shortage of cultural heritages. From vibrant floating markets to peculiar architectures, they reflect a unique lifestyle that follows the rhythm of the mighty river.

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Basel: Art and Architecture

Tiếng Việt

Housing an international art fair, several world-class museums, as well as countless galleries and exhibitions, it’s not exaggerated to call Basel Switzerland’s capital of art. Together with a beautiful old town and modern buildings designed by famous contemporary architects, the city is truly a paradise for whoever loves art and architecture.

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Dubai: Where Tradition meets Modernity

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Known as the superlative and glamorous city, Dubai is perhaps one of the most popular destinations nowadays. The gem of the Middle East is famous for its skyscrapers, gigantic shopping malls and the lavish lifestyle of its citizens. But Dubai is also full of history and cultural heritage. From the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood, the bustling Deira to the still-developing Design District, Dubai is where tradition meets modernity.

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Brussels: Mélange of Architectural Style

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Home to the European Parliament, the headquarters of NATO and various international organisations, Brussels has been long known as the de facto capital of Europe. However, Belgium’s capital is more than a mere political centre. It is a city of artistic taste and architectural treasures.

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