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Jiuzhaigou: A Journey to the Mythical Valley

Tiếng Việt

It is said that if there should be a paradise on earth, Jiuzhaigou must be one of them. According to Tibetans, there is no equal elsewhere that has overwhelming sceneries as this valley. It combines serene crystal clear lakes, thundering waterfalls, lush green forests, and snowed-capped mountains.

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Ban Gioc: The Most Impressive Waterfall in Vietnam

Tiếng Việt

Looking at the map of Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall seems a long way from anywhere. It’s 360 kilometres from Hanoi, and the distance to the nearest town is 60 kilometres away. But that doesn’t stop people to visit this masterpiece of nature. With jade green water thundering down multiple levels of rock setting, Ban Gioc Waterfall is easily one of Vietnam’s most remarkable sights.

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Jeju: South Korea’s Natural Wonder

Tiếng Việt

Home to pristine nature, Jeju has long been South Korea’s most favourite domestic holiday destination. A natural wonder just off the southern coast of the country – the island offers a stark contrast to the concrete jungle in Seoul or Busan, with fresh air, lush green landscapes and exquisite beaches.

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Seoraksan: The Autumn Destination

Tiếng Việt

A picturesque landscape in which red and golden autumnal forest dotted by majestic rocks and small mountain streams, Mount Seoraksan has long been a favourite destination for both Koreans and international travellers. The mountain changes its colour according to each season. But fall in the area is considered amongst the most beautiful in the entire Korean Peninsula.

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Ha Long: The Bay of the Descending Dragon

Boasting an ethereal beauty, Ha Long Bay is unsurprisingly one of the most popular sites in Vietnam. Its name is recognised globally, and millions of people came here to behold this natural wonder. Nevertheless, not many visitors know about the mystery beneath that name. In Han-Viet (Old Vietnamese), Ha Long literally means “descending dragon” and it originates from a legend on this ancient land.

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