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Zurich: A Closer Look

Given its reputation for being the center of finance and banking, Zurich is often omitted from many tourists’ itineraries. Most spend several hours here before heading to the surrounding hills or more picturesque towns. But look closely, you will realize there are a few reasons why Switzerland’s wealthiest city deserves attention, including beautiful architecture, spectacular vistas, and amazing museums.

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Prague: The Charms of Czech Capital

Since the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989 and the opening up of Central and Eastern Europe, Prague has risen as one of the most attractive travel destinations in Europe. With an incredibly beautiful medieval core and a vibrant city life, it is not difficult to understand why millions of visitors are lured to the Czech capital each year.

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Bayeux: A Stopover in the Town of Miracles

On the way from Paris to Mont Saint Michel, I made a stopover at Bayeux. It’s a small town in Calvados, just 10 kilometers from the Channel coast. As the witness of two cross-Channel invasions (the Norman Conquest of England and the Operation Overlord), almost 900 years apart, Bayeux certainly plays a decisive role in Western history. But the historical value was not the only reason that drew us to this town…

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