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Halong: Bay of the Descending Dragon

Covering an area of over 43,000 hectares, Halong Bay in northeast Vietnam is known for its impressive seascape formed by thousands of limestone islands and islets. These towering pillars rise from the seabed like a defensive wall and locals believe that they are the vestige of a legendary battle.

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Taj Mahal: An Architectural Perfection

For many, the Taj Mahal is the most impressive monument built for love, an eternal testament to a husband’s devotion to his wife. For others, it represents the perfection of architectural planning and excellent craftsmanship. Regardless, the marble mausoleum is considered to be the icon of India and the greatest architectural achievement of the Mughal dynasty.

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The Soul of Old Hanoi

Most travelers to Hanoi know about its chaotic streets, its vibrant food scene, and perhaps the 20th-century wars that shape today’s Vietnam. But not many realize that this city has a rich history, dating back as far as the 11th century. It weaves through the historic core like a thread and is waiting to be discovered by those with keen eyes.

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Groningen: An Unexpected Discovery

Looking at the map of the Netherlands, Groningen seems a long way from everywhere. Only a handful of travelers venture to this northeast corner and few have written about it. But there are so many things to discover in this city, from the beautiful train station, the picturesque old town, to the vividly colorful marina. Each nook and cranny of Groningen seems to have a story to tell.

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Joseon Dynasty through Architecture in Seoul

For all the world, Seoul is a megacity filled with skyscrapers and high-tech facilities. It’s widely known as South Korea’s powerhouse and the origin of Hallyu and K-pop. However, hidden beneath this modern facade are 600-years-old history and traditions. These values coexist with everyday city life, creating an identity for one of Asia’s most exciting cities.

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