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7 thoughts on “The Regeneration of Seoul Downtown”

  1. I think Cheonggyecheon Stream is my favorite! It just looks amazing. A great concept right in the center of the city. The autumn colors in Seoul are beautiful, and you have captured that so well. I am now curious how Seoul looked back in 1940s or even later (before they became first-world)!

  2. Thanks for this tour. I’ve not been but it’s amazing what they’ve done. I suppose the Olympics probably had something to do with the city’s rejuvenation.

  3. I remember Cheonggyecheon was particularly beautiful, although the night I walked along its banks happened to be the moment I felt tipsy thanks to the surprisingly potent makgeolli I had for dinner to wash down the succulent bulgogi. I love exploring the kind of architecture as displayed at DDP and Eunhwa University, although in my trip to Seoul I didn’t have enough time to visit both. For me Zaha Hadid’s mark on DDP is apparent on its curves which somehow remind me of Munich’s BMW Welt.

    1. Haha I love the makgeolli as well, especially the one with orange flavour 🙂 As you have mentioned, the two buildings do share some similarities. But, personally, I like the DDP more because it’s somewhat intimate. The BMW Welt, on the other hand, is a bit harsh and gloomy. German-style, I guess.

      1. That means I really shouldn’t miss DDP the next time I go to Seoul. I’m not surprised you got that impression when you went to the BMW Welt. 🙂

    1. No doubt. There is a lot to see and do in Seoul. I barely scratched the surface, even though I spent five days in the city 🙂

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