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9 thoughts on “The Story of German Cars”

  1. I’ve always like the “Mini cooper” series of cars. Until I found out it’s a classic car for mistresses… 🙄 The museum was lovely though!

      1. Yes it is… Unfortunately it gained that reputation where a few Chinese TV shows portrayed mistresses driving mini coopers… But I still like that model and would love to own one one day!

      2. So do I! And you could be creative with a Mini Cooper. You can paint nearly everything on it and the car still looks cool 🙂

  2. I’m not much of a car person, but I usually enjoy visiting car museums. When I went to Munich, the BMW Welt was still under construction, but even back then the futuristic museum was already quite a sight as viewed from the grounds of the BMW headquarters.

    1. Same here. I visited the BMW Museum just because of the architecture. Not a fan of BMW. For Porsche, I like both the architecture and the cars, although I cannot name a single one 🙂

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