Chugoku region in western Japan is of great cultural significance.


An ill-fated city where thousands of people died as the result of the first atomic bomb.


Within a radius of two kilometers, nearly everything was obliterated. The only building that remains standing is the Atomic Bomb Dome.

Within seven decades, Hiroshima has re-born into a modern, peaceful city where people around the world came to wish for a future without nuclear weapons.


Home of the sea goddesses, Miyajima has long been treated as a sacred site.


The island is known for its grand shrine that seems floating over the waves. Interstingly, not a single metal nail was used in the construction of the shrine.

Standing in front of the grand shrine is the Great Torii. This 16-meter tall vermillion gate marks the boundary between the spirit and human worlds.


The historic quarter of Kurashiki is a rare piece of old Japan that still exists.


The town’s history dates back to about 300 years ago when the shogunate took control of the area. They transformed this place into an important trade center for rice, sugar, and other goods.

Many of the original storehouses with grey and white trellis-patterned walls, elaborate ceramic roofs are well-preserved.

The merchant houses set along a delightful canal.

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