ravenna MOSAICS


Ravenna mosaics are testimonies of excellent craftsmanship.


basilica di san vitale

This 1500-year-old church is impressive enough on its own.


It was constructed under Gothic rule but later completed by the Byzantine authority. Thus, San Vitale comprises both Roman and Byzantine elements.

Inside, countless fragments of gold and glass, and semi-precious stones create vivid illustrations of Christ and twelve apostles.


mausoleum placidia

This humble-looking structure was part of a complex built in the early 5th century.


Inside, cobalt blue mosaics embrace early Christian symbolism, from the flowers of Eden Garden to the golden cross amidst a starry dome.


neonian baptistery

It was erected at the end of the 4th century as part of Ravenna Cathedral.


While the original cathedral suffered destruction, Neonian Baptistery was miraculously left untouched. Its octagonal brick structure and mosaic decorations remains largely intact.

The scene of the Baptism, where Saint John pours water over Jesus, is the main feature.


Saint andrew chapel

An oratory of Roman bishops switched into an Orthodox chapel in the 6th century.


It features an apse of golden stars against a dark blue background. In the center stands Christ as a victorious warrior dressed in Roman armor.


apollinare nuovo

A palace chapel for King of the Goths, in the first quarter of the 6th century


This church features a cylindrical bell tower, a cloister, and a mosaic-ornated atrium.

The most impressive part is the gold mosaics depicting two series of saints

Ravenna - Enchanted by the Beauty of Mosaics

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