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Hoi An is a jewel on Vietnam’s cultural crown.

It boasts one of South East Asia’s best-preserved port towns where a mix of cultures thrives.


japanese bridge

First built in the 1590s, the bridge was a donation from a Japanese merchant guild.


Painted in an earthy pink tone, with an intricate pagoda roof, this bridge connects the Japanese quarter with the Chinese community on the other.


chinese assembly halls

Another charm of Hoi An is the assembly halls that the Chinese merchants built.


All those halls are characterized by vibrant colors and intricate decorations. The interiors are just as exquisite as the facades,


silk village

It reflects Hoi An's history as a production center along the Maritime Silk Road.


Golden silk threads in Hoi An Silk Village.

In this interactive museum, visitors will learn about the traditional silk manufacturing process.


thanh ha pottery village

Thanh Ha Village has produced pottery since the 15th century.


The village raised to fame when the potters received an invitation from the Nguyen Dynasty, to create decorative items for the Imperial City of Hue.

Thanh Ha Village also boasts a cultural space where the past and present artworks from the village are honored.

An artwork at Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Hoi An - The Beauty of an Ancient Port Town

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