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21 thoughts on “Hoi An: The Beauty of an Ancient Port Town”

    1. Dạ phải nói là họ chịu khó đầu tư ghê. Mấy bức tượng họ làm sống động lắm. Nếu không nói thì mình không biết là làm bằng gốm đâu 🙂 Cháu cũng định tham gia cái workshop làm gồm. Nhưng mà do ít du khách quá nên họ chưa mở lại.

  1. It’s so interesting to read the history of this town and to learn that the silting of the harbour was actually what ended up preserving its amazing cultural heritage. I imagine it has been hurt economically these past 6 months by the lack of tourists, though selfishly, I’d love to visit in its less crowded state. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you, Caroline! Personally, I also like this “new normal” state in Hoi An. I imagine it would be very difficult to explore the town, if I had to push through people all the time. But it’s sad to see many establishments went out of business 🙁

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