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18 thoughts on “Basel: A Center of Art and Architecture”

  1. Oh my! Basel looks so pretty! With such a stunning exterior and unbelievably ornate interior, the Rathaus clearly is a head-turner. It’s interesting to know that the city was named after Basilisk, a creature I learned about only after reading Harry Potter. 🙂 Yet again, impressive photos, Len!

    1. Same here 🙂 Before visiting Basel, I thought Basilisk is a snake as well. But it turns out to be a hybrid between a rooster and a dragon.

  2. Nice views! Wondering if all Swiss cities are alike? And how do you pronounce Basel – is it “basil” or “bowel”??

    1. Neither 🙂 It is ba:zəl. In German, the “s” in the middle of a word is usually pronounced like a “z”.
      And yes, all Swiss major cities looks very much the same. They also share many similarities to towns in Southern Germany and Austria 🙂

      1. Haha, I see how you have learnt pronunciation. Very Asian way. Thanks. I’m looking forward to my week in Switzerland!

  3. You’re getting close to my city, Len! Hehehe
    Love to see Basel through your lens! I’ve been there a few times…Basel is a beautiful city, specially during Christmas! I love its Christmas markets, some of the best in Switzerland!!
    And Carnaval (or Fasnacht in Swiss German) is pretty famous!! I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on my bucket list, hehehe

    1. Hihi you live in Zurich, right? I have been there (that’s why I know about Spruengli :P), but just a brief stay. The weather was also horrible, that’s why I don’t have any good photos of Zurich 🙁

  4. This was a wonderful tour of a city I’ve never been to, but now long to see! Gorgeous photos as usual. I especially love the photograph of the view of the street through an archway in Greater Basil.

    1. We have the same taste, Alison 🙂 That photo is also my favourite. I took it at the Spalentor. The gate itself is special. But the view through its arch is breathtaking.

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