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24 thoughts on “Luxembourg Old Town: An Oasis in the Heart of the City”

  1. On my trip to Europe ten years ago, a learned from my cousin that Luxembourg was famous for its fortifications. I had no time to visit the country, though, but what he said was enough to piqued my interest of Luxembourg. I’m really impressed by how green the capital is. Imagine strolling or running among those trees!

    1. It is really delightful, especially at the Grund 🙂 I have read somewhere that parks and green areas cover more than one-third of the city’s surface. One more thing I found interesting about this area is that the locals actually live here. It is not a tourist attraction like other old towns in Europe where you mostly see tourists or businesses that provide service for tourists.

    1. Indeed. The price in Luxembourg is slightly higher than its neighbor countries. I think it is the same for Singapore right? But it is still affordable in comparison to Switzerland 🙂

      1. I don’t know about other stuff but the price for accommodation in Singapore is more or less the same to the price in Paris or even Zurich 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos all Len – I was going to point out my favorite but every time I reached the next one IT became my favorite. Beautifully done.

      1. I can understand 🙂 It took me days to adjust to the normal life after one month of travelling. But it is good to come back home, isn’t it? To be able to sleep on your own bed, cook your own mean. I remember at the end of my trip, I was really tired of Western foods 🙂

      2. I know exactly what you mean! I’m not unhappy to be home, but every time I come home I get a small dose of disappointment, that surely there has to be more to life than just 12hours of work each day. But yea, I miss my bed, my blanket, and the blueness of the sky that can only be found back home. The food is definitely better home cooked!

  3. Thank you for showing us Luxembourg, Len. This is one country I can visit without taking any free days from work, over the weekend because there are weekend flights to Belgium from Warsaw. I am curious how long you stayed there? The city looks stunning and so peaceful. I think I’d enjoy it!

    1. I stayed there for one day. The city is quite small so one day is enough to explore it all. I suggest that you combine visiting Luxembourg with the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. It is a very scenic wine region and close to Luxembourg 🙂

    1. No doubt! I haven’t seen any European old town with such a dramatic setting. You need to walk on hilly paths, but the view is worth the effort. Thanks for visiting again, Alison 🙂

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Old Town Luxembourg
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