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5 thoughts on “San Marino: A Journey to the Mountain Haven”

  1. Small countries like the Vatican, Monaco, San Marino, and Liechtenstein always intrigue me. They are so small they all can fit into Jakarta and still smaller than the city’s area. It’s incredible that San Marino managed to maintain its independence for such a long time. Their past rulers and diplomats must have had extraordinary negotiation skills.

    1. To maintain independence for such a long time, they are masters of negotiation. I don’t know how they managed it because they had little resources and manpower. Sorry for the late reply, Bama 🙂 Somehow I missed your comment.

  2. What Bama said – about small countries being intriguing. And San Marino is no exception – a little mysterious, and very charming. That Old Town begs to be explored.

    1. Mysterious is the perfect choice of words. A country so small yet managed to hold onto sovereignty for such a long time. The old town is lovely indeed, but only in the early morning and later afternoon. Midday is a bit like a theme park 🙂

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