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51 thoughts on “Bayeux: A Stopover in the Town of Miracles”

  1. For a small town, Bayeux seems to offer a lot. The cathedral looks impressive, the Bayeux Tapestry certainly is an invaluable cultural heritage, and Mathilda Café looks stunning! Looking at its beautiful interior really whets my appetite. I really love your photo of Bayeux Old Town — such view of a European old town never gets old.

    1. Many thanks, Bama 🙂 Bayeux is indeed beautiful, and as a history lover I am sure you will like this place. It is also a good starting point if you want to visit the D-Day Beaches.

  2. Incredibly beautiful town indeed. Cannot recall why we skipped Bayeux on our drive!! We are guessing no photos allowed of the tapestry right?

    1. Hm… I cannot remember whether they forbid photographing or not. But I did not make any photo because of the reflection and the bad light condition 🙂

      1. Bad light condition because incorrect light (& other stuff as well) will damage colour and textile for ever, no remedies for that. One can try adjusting the camera for low light. I remember I took a picture of the original 4 horses on Venice’s Saint Mark, which were in the attic of said church, and it was forbidden to take it with flash. I took a chance and — the picture is great even today. I guess the Japanese who were with me there, and took their shot with flashes, were not so successful, because the light exploded on the horses… 🙂

      2. Thanks for the advice, Isabela! I may try to adjust the light the next time. I normally set the flash at Auto so it does not work really well in a bad light condition.

    1. Hihi many thanks! I am glad that you like it. Just read your post about Aix-Provence, such an amazing place! I should plan a trip to Southern France 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos. I was in Bayeux in the fall after the Normandy beaches and the tapestry, and the town, were breathtaking. Your images are just superb. Thank you.

  4. Hello, thank you for this beautiful post on Bayeux. We would like to offer the opportunity to your followers to have a great view of the Bayeux Tapestry with sending you one of our professional pictures. Would you agree to send your email so that we can give it to you ?

  5. No minor miracle that Bayeux was almost untouched during the 1944 Normandy battles. It was the first city in France to be retaken by the Allies. The nearby city of Caen was practically destroyed.

    1. Indeed. I have read that the Allied intended to liberate Caen on the D-Day as well. But the German intensified the defense here so they have to reduce the city to rubble.

  6. Very charming location. It feels wonderful to know such a place has existed throughout out the wars and turmoil unscathed. Thank you for selecting this location to share. The photos are beautiful.

  7. What an idyllic place! I didn’t know about it, but it looks like a detour to visit it is well worth it!! I love the photos, specially the ones at golden hour/sunset! Tones are gorgeous 🙂

    1. Yes, the whole battle 🙂 I think the tapestry also tells the story before the battle. It explains the reason for the invasion. It’s pretty long!

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