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24 thoughts on “Dive into the World of Champagne”

    1. Indeed! In my case, the champagne testing was the main reason that lured me to the region. The cathedral is an add-on 😉
      By the way, how can I follow/subscribe your blog? It took me a while but I couldn’t find the follow button 🙂

  1. Excellent, Len! I keep very nice memories from the Champagne region, in my case we visited the Castellane’s cellars, but also popped in the boutique of Moët & Chandon. Very nice reportage 🙂

  2. Yes, the Champagne region is well worth visiting, even for those who don’t drink Champagne.
    Reims also has a nice opera house where I saw a beautiful production of Monteverdi’s opera L’Orfeo.

  3. A visit to those impressive cellars, taking a sip (or two) of the lovely champagne, then a stop at the magnificent Gothic cathedral… sounds like a perfect getaway, Len! However I wonder about the food, though. Is there any local specialty in the region between Reims and Épernay?

    1. Ah, yes! There is the Champagne biscuit which is served together with the champagne. People dip it into the wine before eating. The most popular Champagne biscuit is the Pink Biscuit de Reims. Some people like it, but it is definitively not my taste 🙂
      Vietnam also has its own version of Champagne biscuit. Instead of sparkling wine, we dip the biscuit into ice-cream 🙂

  4. I didn’t know that champagne was actually referring to a region… silly me. Look like some very expensive mansions there. The French have expensive taste…

      1. One of my colleagues just came back from France today and said she did a tour of 14 wineries in 5 days (including the ones in your post!). I would have been drunk by all of that…

  5. Beautiful captures Len and a lovely tour of champagne country. My husband and I visited several years ago so it was a lovely reminder for me!

  6. We visited some years ago. My husband is an oenophile altho we are not champagne lovers. It’s very beautiful there and your images are wonderful. You brought me some wonderful memories too Len!

    1. Same here 🙂 I’m not a big fan of champagne (or bubble wines in general). But the estate is definitely worth seeing. It’s also an informative trip for me. Before, I thought making champagne is more or less the same with other bubble wines. But the process is more complex, and there are many strict requirements.

  7. Beautiful towns, wonderful drink….what’s not to love! I’ve been on plenty of wine tours/tastings but not specifically sparkling wine (which I adore!). I didn’t realize this region is so close to Paris. I’m heading to Normandy/Brittany in September, via Paris and now I’m very tempted to add in Champagne (too much great stuff to see)!

    1. You can make a day trip from Paris. It’s pretty simple and won’t take much time. How long will you be in Normandy? I guess St. Michel and St. Malo will be on your list 🙂

  8. We will be there for about a month, but doing slow travel with our bikes through coastal Normandy and Brittany. Yes, Mt. St. Michel and St. Malo definitely on the list, but itinerary is flexible.

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