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15 thoughts on “The Colours of Hong Kong”

  1. Great post. Love the vibrancy of the city and the food. Someone told me they are planning to replace all the neon signs with LED. Do you know anything about that?

    1. I think the replacement is happening now. Not all, but many shops have already switched to LED panels. Based on my knowledge, the shopowners have 2 reasons to do so: 1) the energy cost for a LED is lower than a neon sign, 2) the neon lights is not in-trend anymore, so only a handful of neon tubes are still produced. And once the sign is defected, there is little chance to repair/replace.

  2. What an interesting post, Len. Hong Kong indeed looks colorful and vibrant. I love the last photo especially! Seems like I really need to put Hong Kong on my list of places to visit hehe.

    1. It’s certainly an interesting destination! I have to come back someday because of the food. 3 days was not enough 😛

  3. What a wonderful post presenting it thru Your gorgeous photos. Thank You. We have not been there, but someday, who knows…

    1. I hope soon, before the city become too crowded 😉 I had a difficult time navigate around Kowloon, because there was too much people. Hong Kong Central is more relaxing, but still full of people. Again, thanks for your kind words!

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