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63 thoughts on “What to see in the Hanseatic City of Bremen?”

    1. I think the message behind the tale is: “Being old does not necessarily mean being useless”. The animals were cast off by their owner just because they are old. But at the end, they proved that they are not useless at all by chasing away the robbers. I must admit, it took me years to understand this story 🙂 The message is so well hidden.

  1. Len, your lovely photos brought back memories of my stay here. I remember these colourful four of Bremen. It was inside the information centre if I am not wrong. They were all over town in some form or the other – in all kinds of souvenirs too. And the Schnoor was my favourite area to spend time over the wonderful pastries and coffee in the chocolate shops. Did you go to the Kaffeehaus Classico there? They had exquisite cakes that made me want to ransack the cake counter. I did a looong post on it. In the early days of blogging I used to write stupendously long ones but there is never enough to write about such beautiful places as Bremen.

    1. Your memory indeed serves you well, my friend! I found the sculpture inside the information. There is even a public lounge where you can rest (something that Hamburg really needs haha). Unfortunately, I did not try any cáfe at the Schnoor because I spent too much time playing at the Universum and looking for the Himmelsaal 🙂 But exquisite cakes sound reasonable enough for a day-excursion. Thanks for the information!

      1. You will want to try each and every one of them. There are some photos in my post of those beauties ( Just to give you an idea (you have to scroll down the post a fair bit because I rambled a fair bit). The Himmelsaal is fascinating and the way the Glockenspiel chimes everyday is so special too. The chiming was a surreal experience for me. For those few odd minutes, people gathered almost entranced and left as abruptly when it stopped. Almost as if we were all bound by a thread of magic.

  2. In Indonesia, people at my age learned about Bremen in primary school. I remember the city was depicted as an important port for tobacco trade from Indonesia to European markets. It’s interesting to see how it actually looks today. The colors and comicality of four Bremen musicians somehow remind me of Niki de Saint Phalle’s statues at Paris’ Centre Georges Pompidou and the old city center of Duisburg in Germany. And the “giant clam” actually looks quite neat!

    1. There is still a debate until now about the shape of the building. Some said it is an UFO landing on the water (you cannot see the lake in my photo though), while other argue that it looks like a grinning whale. And of course there are those like me who call it a clam 🙂
      You are right! As a member of the Hanseatic League, Bremen was quite powerful in the past. Although the power is not there anymore, Bremen today is still a very important port. The Bremerhaven is the fourth-largest container port in Europe, just behind Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.

      1. It’s one of those structures which can be wildly interpreted. 🙂 I wasn’t aware of the fact that Bremerhaven is the fourth largest container port in Europe. Now I’m really intrigued.

  3. This is so perfect because I am leaving today to Bremen. Thanks for the tips, there was a few that I hadn’t yet added to my plan. And I was going to skip Universum because it seemed more like place for children but if you recommend it I think I will go and see if I will like it 🙂

    1. You certainly will meet a lot of kids there 🙂 But if you have time to spare, Universum is a fun place to go. I remember there is a mini tornado which you can touch. And there is a dish where you can create a desert landscape by yourself. But if you only have time to visit the centre, you may check out this post of Dippy-Dotty-Girl: ( She wrote a really good article about Bremen’s centre 🙂 Enjoy your time there!

  4. Mmm when I went to Hamburg on a trip I wanted to go to Bremen, but didn’t have time finally… seems nice, but maybe the historical centre isn’t too big??

    1. It is quite compact. I think you need maximal 3 to 4 hours to see all the attractions in the city centre. It took me longer, because I was seduced by the exhibitions in the Universum 🙂 If you have time, the Bremerhaven is also an option.

  5. That science centre looks like a UFO… Very futuristic. So many places to see! No wonder young people these days can’t save… 😭

  6. The Schnoor and Boetkerstrasse, and in general the Zentrum of Bremen, are really cool. I first went there in Christmas, when its even more cool. Literally.

    1. Such a pity! Was there an event or something? If you have a chance to visit Bremen again, make sure to check the place. It is a really entertaining, even for adults 🙂

      1. Forgive my flippant pun. I’ve never been to Bremen. I was hinting at the clam-like shape of the building. Your post is great, by the way.

    1. Indeed. If I remember correctly, there are about 5 to 6 themes, ranging from physics, biology to astronomy. And you are encouraged to touch the exhibited objects 🙂

    1. True! There are many ways to interpret the peculiar architecture of this museum. If I remember correctly, a newspaper even called it the “grinning whale” 🙂

      1. Yes I live near Kassel. A beautiful city surrounded with lots of forest. A nice weekend to you 🙂 Greetings Alexander

    1. The Evoluon is a real space ship 🙂 There is no other way to interpret its shape. The NEMO in Amsterdam is also interesting, their exhibitions are as interesting as those in Universum.

    1. My pleasure. In my opinion, North Germany’s beauty is similar to those in the Netherlands or Scandinavian countries. You rarely see fairytale castles in this region, only brick houses (lots of them) 🙂

  7. Bremen looks delightful! I haven’t seen nearly enough of historic Europe to yet be remotely jaded by it, so I see your lovely photos and immediately want to go there.

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