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17 thoughts on “Arashiyama: A Beautiful Retreat near Kyoto”

  1. Ảnh rừng trúc đẹp quá Len. Lấy được cả chiều cao và chiều sâu. Cám ơn cháu. Cô thích chỗ này, thế nào cũng đi xem.

  2. For some reason I didn’t go to Arashiyama when I was in Kyoto. It might have been the thought that I can also see bamboo trees here, or simply because there was not enough time. However, the way you described this place as more magical than you can imagine really intrigued me. Moreover, that beautiful Zen temple, albeit a reconstruction, adds to the charm of this part of Japan.

    1. Actually, I didn’t intend to go to Arashiyama in the first place. The weather was not great, and as you already mentioned, we also had a lot of bamboo here. But the groves is more beautiful than I expected: soothingly green, thick and very tall. That’s why I went there twice 🙂

  3. Great tip for tourists to get there early. By 10am the bus tours arrive!!! Lovely photos and yes I also went to Tenryuji! I hope to post on it soon.

    1. Can’t wait to read about it 🙂 My first visit to Arashiyama was in the afternoon and you can imagine how crowded it was. So I decided to wake up early and went back there. This time, I only had to share the bamboo groove with 9-10 people. It was a pleasant moment!

      1. Amazing! And the early mornings have a special atmosphere. I went the wrong way first over the railway line, but then found the right path on the way back! Did you go to the garden or the lookout up the back?

  4. Incredible! Your photos of the bamboo groves are the best I’ve ever seen. I love the aesthetics of the bamboo bounded by the tall grass and curved bamboo railing.

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