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13 thoughts on “Ba Be Lake: A Sanctuary in the Forest”

  1. From your photos, Ba Be Lake and the Nang River do appear very pristine and seem to have not really been exploited by humans. I can imagine the air must have been very fresh, ideal for forest-bathing (on a boat, of course). That photo of the entrance to Puong Cave (with a boat for scale) does a good job giving us an idea of how big it is. Very impressive!

    1. Thank you, Bama! It’s exactly like you said. I captured the boat so that my readers can realise how large the cave is. It’s by far the biggest cave entrance that I’ve ever seen.

      What I couldn’t capture is the bat colony hanging upside down. It was difficult to see them, but I clearly heard their screeches. I can’t imagine how the cave looks like when they wake up 🙂

  2. The landscape of heavy jungle, green rivers and limestone pinnacles is impressive. I have not previously heard about Ba Ba Lake. It looks so serene in your photos. Is it popular with tourists (in a normal year)?

    1. Nope 🙂 Even among Vietnamese, the lake is not so popular. They often choose beaches over these places. The reason could be lack of promotion. Another reason might be the infrastructure. Well, it’s incomparable to that of touristic destinations, but I think it’s adequate.

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