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26 thoughts on “Gangnam District: From Zero to Hero”

  1. What a great article. That library is amazing – very smart of them to place it in the mall.
    Really enjoyed the image of old and new – really transported me to the place and allowed me to get a deeper sense of the beautiful contrast this city seems to provide. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow I’d love to go see that area one day! The photos from the temples are stunning – with all that autumn scenery. There are not that many high-rise buildings or rich areas in the city where I live in Poland so I am always attracted to skyscrapers, glitz and lights hehe.

    1. Haha we share similar taste, Pooja 🙂 Some people might argue those glitz and lights cause light-polluted. But the evening sky would be boring (even fearful) without them. I visited Hong Kong last month and I think the city would be nothing if they turn off all the neon-signs.

  3. Thanks for taking me to parts of Seoul I didn’t have enough time to visit when I went to the city in April last year. Gangnam looks more interesting than I thought! That library looks like a really nice place to read books, or just to wind down.

    1. You welcome, Bama! The library is truly a unique place! But it is a bit noisy, especially at mid-day. So it might not be suitable for studying 🙂

  4. This library is a dream come true! Amazing post and photos – thank for sharing this great piece of content about Gangnam district 🙂

  5. Your lead photo shows the perfect contrast between old and new Gangnam. (Nice photos by the way.) Korea’s economic rise from the destruction left by the Korean War in the 1950’s is no small miracle and Gangnam highlights it.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos Len. I’d love to go to Gangnam just to see that library and the view from the temple. I’ve never been to Korea. A trip to Taiwan and Korea is likely to be our next adventure, though we have no idea when that will be possible. Next year maybe. We’ll see.

    1. Hopefully next year! Or better, the end of this year *keep my fingers crossed* 🙂 Both countries look awesome in late autumn.
      Here in Vietnam the gov already mulls over Vaccine Passport. They attempt to re-open this year for vaccinated travellers. Let’s see how this unfold.

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