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42 thoughts on “Hohenzollern Castle: The Legacy of a Mighty Dynasty”

  1. Fantastic! Have not touched it though heard of it.
    How does the interior of the castle looked like? Did it have many chambers of different themes as some of the other Palace castles?

    1. Yes, it does. But the decoration is not much different either. I think the European royalties have similar taste 🙂 The most impressive chambers are the Grafensaal (the Hall of Earl) and the Treasury where holds the crowns and the royal sceptres 🙂

  2. Haven’t heard of this one, but it looks as though Germany is dotted with castles like this? Very majestic though 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jolene! In the southern and central part of Germany, you will surely find a few castles like this. But in the northern and eastern part, most castles are built either near a lake or a river. Marienburg is an exception 🙂

  3. thanks for the tip where to take a panorama view!) This castle is on my list of places to visit in the near future))
    I heard that drones are forbidden there and was wondering if it is possible to take a panorama picture from the ground) Now I know 🙂

    1. You welcome 🙂 If you have a car, it will be easier for you. The bus can bring you to Zeller Horn, but there are not so many buses. If you miss one, you will have to wait like hours to return to Hohenzollern or Hechingen. From Zeller Horn, you can also walk to Hohenzollern. But I am not a hiker-type so it is not an option for me 🙂

      1. It look not so far from Zeller Horn, and the terrains is not so challenging. But I don’t know exactly how long it will take. Maybe you can tell me someday 🙂

  4. What fantastic photos, Len! I am happy to have stumbled across your blog. Also thank you for the follow. Looking forward to some more browsing here. Cheers.

      1. Haha a camera that can response 🙂 Unique, am I? Well, not many people realized that Len is a camera. But I don’t want to make my readers confused so it is fine to call me Len. Because I often travel alone so I humanized my camera so that it can be my companion. It is also easier for me to write as “we” than as “I”.
        Thanks for your compliments! I really appreciate it. I am glad to find your blog as well. Skillfully written content, with great photos and a lot of useful tips. Looking forward to read more in the future! Cheers 😉

      2. Well I cannot fight the uniqueness of a talking camera, eh. Thank you for the lovely words 🙂 Time to travel through each other’s blogs then. Cheers.

    1. Hehe tháng 6 này ba mẹ a sang nên làm tour Đông Âu: Ba Lan, Czech, Hungaria, Áo các kiểu 🙂 Mấy chỗ này e đi hết rồi. Còn sau khi nộp bài thì chưa biết. Còn tùy vào budget haha. Nếu còn nhiều đạn chúng ta có thể hội ngộ ở Oslo 😀 Thế e với hubby có plan gì chưa?

    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment! It is great to hear that you like my blog 🙂 Thanks for following and I hope I can bring you better content in the future. Cheers!

    1. I agree! Its combination of nature and castles is totally different than what we do have here in the North. It appears more dramatic and somehow, as you said, incredibly romantic.

  5. Beautiful castle. I was very close this year to travelling to Stuttgart. But I was not aware until now of this amazing castle. The list of “things to see” has grown:)

  6. Your panoramic view photo looks like something out of a fairytale with the castle perfectly perched upon that hill. I never grow weary of seeing Germany’s castles. Spectacular!

    1. I agree with you 🙂 The Germans are really good in building castles. They could build at very challenging position, such as hill tops, small islands, etc. And the castles are still standing after all this years.

  7. Spectacular photography !
    Cô chưa hề đến castle này, chỉ đến Neuschwanstein Castle. Vào mùa Thu nên vàng đỏ khắp nơi.
    Germany đẹp thật, cô vẫn còn tấm tắc mãi về nơi ấy.

    1. Neuschwanstein vào mùa thu thì tuyệt vời rồi ạ! Lâu đài trắng trên nền lá đỏ vàng. Cháu đi đầu hè nên chỉ có một màu xanh thôi. Thực sự muốn xem lâu đài vào mùa đông khi phủ tuyết trắng 🙂

  8. A very impressive fortress and it sounds like a great day trip from Stuttgart. Commanding views and that last panorama is fabulous.I should think that panorama view of the fortress is essential if you’re going to visit this area.

    1. Yes, it is 🙂 I took extra hours to go there just because of the view. Not many tourists go there, so you can enjoy the view without much obstacles.

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