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17 thoughts on “Korean Cuisine: The Korean Barbecue”

  1. Love how informative this post is! Hopefully you have introduced addictive Korean bbq to someone. You described the flavours so well, that now I really want to have some Samgyeopsal or Bulgogi 🥢

    1. I agree with you, Emma! The Samgyeopsal is irresistible. Although we know that it’s not good for our body, we can’t stop eating it 😛

    1. Nice! How is the Korean food scene in Sydney? In Hamburg, there are only 2 “acceptable” Korean restaurants. And the food was far different from what I experienced in Seoul. Even in Saigon, the Korean food is already better 😛

      1. Sydney is very lucky because we are so multicultural. The Korean food is full of bulgogi and Korean fried chicken (snow cheese flavour, YUM) and spicy hot pots! It’s awesome to have all that variety and the quality is quite authentic.

  2. Korean barbecue is a big thing in Jakarta since many Indonesians love grilled meat. Almost in every mall there’s at least one restaurant serving Korean barbecue, and they usually follow the all-you-can-eat format, encouraging people to take as much meat as they can.

    1. Sounds interesting! How many rounds can you finish? 🙂 Though Korean barbecue is very popular here, I have never seen any establishment offer all-you-can-eat. This format is usually applied for hotpot or sushi.

      1. How many rounds? That’s a difficult question to answer because I can never really count. 🙂

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