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27 thoughts on “Krakow: Poland’s Ancient Capital”

  1. Beautiful as always!I wish I could sneak in your suitcase and travel to those pretty European cities that you went to. The Salt Mine looks particularly impressive as it was created many centuries ago — engineering marvels from the past never cease to amaze me.

    1. It is surely impressive! I kept wondering how they could re-create such masterpieces so perfectly, without having a single painting or a photograph. And certainly, not many miners had the privileged to see the original paintings.

  2. Enjoyed reading the post and the pics are really pretty. I also like the way you give out the practical details too, very helpful for someone wanting to plan a trip 🙂

    1. You mean the miners? Probably not. Because the mining has been suspended since the 2000s due to various reasons. Now the mine is only a tourist attraction 🙂 But occasionally, I still saw some people wearing miner’s clothes. Perhaps archaeologist or geologist.

      1. When we were in the mines visiting, there is a band of musicians who would play if you pay a token sum… pretty neat. Did you see them?

  3. The salt castle is really cool Len I’ve never seen anything like it! I hope there aren’t any silly tourists out there with a chisel trying to take home some free cooking salt??!

    1. I hope not because cooking salt is cheap now. Besides, the rock is pretty hard!
      Although you are not allowed to take the salt back home, you are permitted to taste it. Simply licking the wall, or touch the wall and taste the salt on your fingers 🙂

  4. I don’t know why, but Krakow was not on my “to see” list, until last year, when a friend went there and was absolutely inlove with it. And since then, it appears that more and more people visit it and it’s absolutely beautiful! Just as you said, “filled with historic and visual wonders”. It’s added to my list for next year too:)
    By the way, I love the snow effect you have done:)

    1. It’s extraordinary! But what surprised me more is that this beautiful place was made by miners, entirely. There was no architects nor painters who helped them create those masterpieces.

  5. As usual Len, your amazing description of yet another European city has got dreaming about visiting. I just adore European market squares. They are not just beautiful, but also brimming with vibrance (I wish we had adopted this concept in North America). It looks like Krakow’s market square is extraordinary.

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