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34 thoughts on “Loire Valley: Playground of the French Kings”

    1. Yeah there are so many châteux that it might take weeks to see them all 🙂 I remember you have been here as well. Did you try the regional wine?

      1. Oh yes we’ve driven around the Loire many times. And definitely the wines are something to try. We tasted our first red sparkling wine here back in 2004!

  1. Château de Chambord is indeed the most recognizable of all castles in the Loire Valley. It’s funny that Francis I was not that impressed with this beautiful castle. Reading this post really makes me want to go back to France — I’ve only been once and my short stay was limited to Paris!

    1. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? The king spent a large fortune on that castle, but at the end he lost his interest (and probably patience). As a fan of history and architecture, I think you will surely love this region, Bama 😉

  2. The French do know how to live in opulence… I feel I can save a lot of money just by travelling through your pictures. 😂 I love the garden with the manicured lawns and immaculate 🌳 that remind me of 🎾…
    I think you should be an architect of some sort! Forget medicine, it’s boring!!

      1. You obviously haven’t worked for very long. Trust me. Once you e worked for a while you would be begging to go back to your student days.
        Architecture would suit you. No physical drawing required! Just an eye for beautiful things. ☺️

      2. Lol. Asian families always want a doctor or lawyer in the family.
        Happy lunar new year! Any more blogs about your new year eve dinner?? ☺️ I actually had a work function until late last night and missed out dinner altogether!

      3. I guess not 🙂 Didn’t have time to write anything this week. Happy Lunar New Year to you as well! Wish you and your family all the best in the year of the Dog !

  3. This is the first time I am hearing about Loire Valley and the castles there are so remarkable, Len. I fell in love with this place thanks to your pictures. Is it easy to find accommodation there to stay while exploring Loire Valley?

    1. Thank you! I am glad that you like the post. It won’t be difficult to find accommodation in major towns such as Blois or Tours. They are the region’s transportation hubs, thus there is a big chance that you can find a place to stay there 🙂

  4. Very interesting article. We are living in Paris and are planning a bike tour along these magnificent castles. These ones are definitely on our list! Thanks for sharing! Marcella

    1. Cycling would be the best way to explore the area 🙂 It’s a hilly terrain, but I think for enthusiastic cyclists like you two it would be no problem.

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