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58 thoughts on “Vienna: Legacy of the Habsburg Monarchy”

  1. Vienna is hands down my favorite city in Europe. Its compact historical center, impressive palaces, and big portions of food are just a few of what I love the most about the city. I was lucky to have a local (my cousin’s friend) to take us around. Your beautiful photos bring back some fond memories to me, so thanks for that!

    1. My pleasure! Apart from the palaces, the thing I love most in Vienna is the cake. They taste heavenly! I am not really interested in sweets, but I ate cakes every day when I was in Vienna. 🙂

  2. You had great weather for your photos — much better than I had on my recent visit to Vienna..

  3. Thanks for an informative post, there is no substitute for personal recommendations. We are spending Christmas in Vienna. Looks like there will be plenty to see and do.😀

    1. You will surely enjoy Christmas in Vienna! The city is absolutely stunning during the holiday season. You cannot visit the gardens but the Christmas Markets will be able to make up for that. But it will be icy cold, regardless what the weather person say 🙂 I trusted the weather forecast and was silly enough to leave the gloves at the hotel. The result: I could not make any photo because my hands were numb.

  4. Cooool, so much to look forward to. You sound like a wise old historian (a wise old historian who takes great photos). 🙂
    Must admit I’m getting a little fatigued from seeing all those palaces and castles and churches and cobbled streets and I’m getting my sites mixed up…

    1. I can understand 🙂 They looks pretty much similar, especially between Germany (Bavaria), Austria, Hungary and Czech. Well, they belonged to one dynasty after all. When you are in Vienna, do not miss the Schnitzel at Figlmüller (reservation is seemingly impossible so show up early).

      1. Ok ok, I’m going to Google that schnitzel! What history books do you recommend? I’d love to read up on Europe history 101.

      2. Most of the time, I read the description/leaflet at the sights 🙂 If there is anything that I found interest, i will buy a book about those places or Google them. I don’t have a book that covers Europe history in general. I think Europe history is so complex with so many dynasties (marrying, fighting,etc.). I can only remember several names and some major events 🙂

      3. Awesome recommendation for the schnitzels! Loved the salads too. Have to blame you for the expanding waist line though… 😔

      4. Wow, a luckbringer! When in Vienna, you should definitively try the cakes too 🙂 I recommend Cafe Central (the Schokoladezauber is the best) and Cafe Sacher (their classic Sacher Torte). I think both are good but I like Central a bit more 🙂

      5. I don’t know how to send photos in comments, but that cake was heavenly. We ordered 4 different cakes and shared. Thanks! 🤗

      6. Crap, you serious! The schnitzel is twice the size of my head! I thought the pork knuckles in Munich were big enough, but this is something else…
        Did you go Gundel in Budapest?

  5. Breathtaking photos! I was in Vienna once, and I found it to be beautiful, although I don’t think I am going back anytime soon. I really want to visit other cities in Austria though.. Salzburg, Innsbruck, Hallstatt. Maybe a blog post on one of those places if you’ve already been there? 🙂

    1. Many thanks! You were in Austria just a few months ago, right? I remember that i saw your photos in Hallstatt and Innsbruck (?) – the place with the Swarowski park 🙂

  6. I have been twice to Vienna.

    The 2nd time was for the Christimas market and also, I got engaged there:) So it will always hold a place in my heart.

    Great post!
    Please also follow my travels, hope you’ll get also inspiration!
    You have my full support as well.


      1. :)))) Yes, he put some effort to it;) and actually set a trend among some of our friends. But of course these are in the end the least important things; what counts is respect and caring

  7. I don’t know from where to even start! Your pictures are absolutely BREATHTAKING. I could just keep going up and down all afternoon looking at the gorgeous sights and admiring the angles and quality of each shot. Amazing! Thank you for all the information and history behind each subtitle. Very informative and helpful since I will be there for the 1st time on Dec. 27th. Cannot wait to see it all in person! Thank you for sharing!

    1. My pleasure! I think you chose the best time to visit Vienna. With all the Christmas decoration and Christmas markets, the city looks like a fairy tale. It might be cold, but very atmospheric 🙂 Enjoy your stay there!

  8. This is an absolutely glorious “tour” of Vienna Len. I love this city and your beautiful photos have reminded me of what an architectural/historical feast Vienna offers.

    1. I would say the Viennese coffe culture, especially the cakes 🙂 Simply irresistible! In term of architecture, the Parliement Building is my favourite.

  9. Vienna looks like an amazing place to visit for its history, architecture and people. As Jolene said, you sound like a wise old historian – such informative pieces of history behind each building and space you visited. What a beautiful view across Schloss Schönbrunn and it does sound like a luxurious place to wander through with stunning greenery. Very vivid and beautiful photos all round 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the food and coffee there too, Len 🙂

    1. Those are my favourite 😛 I spent three days in Vienna and I had to go to Cáfe Central once per day. Their cakes are addictive! Btw, thank you for your very kind words 🙂

      1. Sounds like Cáfe Central has amazing cakes. Hope you had enough cakes from there to last you a while. If not you can always go back for more – which is a good excuse to go back 😛

      2. Awww. Another excuse to go back, to see the National Library. Every city has a National Library which is worth checking out 😀

  10. Just WOW! Another top post Len…Already booked and can´t wait to see this in August. Did you also take the tour for the Schönbrunn Palace? Your photos sell it all Len, really wonderful and your eye for detail is great. I loved the fact that you showed why this city is special. It´s grandeur is exquisite!
    I would definitely try their cakes as you´ve mentioned but my husband is already looking at the menu for his favourite Wiener Schnitzel Haha!

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