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43 thoughts on “Viennese Coffee Culture: A Way of Life”

  1. Looks delicious. Honestly I was disappointed with the sache torte at Hotel Sache. But this place looks better and I would love to try it on my next trip, if I would ever go back there again. Thanks Len!

    1. You welcome! Actually, the cafe in Hotel Sacher was first on my list, because many people recommend it. But the queue was too long, so I skipped it and went to Cáfe Central. I was “glued” there 🙂 The cakes are so good!

  2. Oh yes, having afternoon tea in Vienna was one of our sweetest moments! Pity we could not stay long, because we were being “herded” like cattle to the sights!

    1. Such a shame 🙁 That’s why I dislike tour! I only joined when there is no other way. Tour is indeed informative, but it is annoying. You have to rely on 1) your guide and 2) your fellow travellers.

      1. That’s true, but it also saves on time getting around in a sense… but at expense of time to see the sights!

  3. 😍😍😍
    We didn’t try the other ones in your photo. I’ve also been trying to find the famous Black Forest cake but no luck…

    1. Other cakes are good, but in my opinion the Schokoladenzauber is the champion! The waiter insisted me to try that 🙂
      Regarding the Black Forest Cake, cafes in Stuttgart and the surrounding area (Baden-Wüttemberg) will surely have it. In Bavaria? I am not so sure… But I must admit, Black Forest cake is hardly comparable to Schokoladenzauber 😉

      1. Ok thanks. I hope to be back to do a more in depth tour of Germany. I like what I saw so far. 😊

  4. Oh, I think I had Sachertorte at Cáfe Central! Although I don’t think I tried their coffee, I don’t know why. Your photos from Vienna really make me miss that city.

    1. How was the Sachertorte, Bama? I saw the cake (looks huge), but my eyes were glued on the Schokoladenzauber. That’s why I did not try it. 🙂

      1. The thing is I’m easily pleased by any food! I remember it being really good, though. Next time I should try Schokoladenzauber.

  5. I recently read that Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in vienna in 1913. I wonder if they ever happened to have a coffee at the same cafe without knowing about it…

    1. Probably 🙂 I think Stalin and Trotsky could sit together to talk about revolution and communism. Hitler, at that time, was still young and poor, might not be invited to this table, but he somehow made a pact with Stalin – a pact that he broke several years later 🙂

  6. Loved the photos and the history on coffee in Vienna. I LOVE my coffee and I hope, in my next life, I’ll get to go experience Vienna. xoxo Thank you for sharing. Delightful and quite beautiful.

  7. Wow, Vienna’s cafe and coffee culture seems so similar to Melbourne – a pasttime, drinking and having a pastry or cake or two is a time of appreciation. The Schokoladenzauber looks amazing, like a mouthfuls of magic right there 😍 I am sure one wasn’t enough 😀 Also wonderful photos. Very brightly done given they were indoor shots.

    1. Many thanks! And you are right. I ate three Schokoladenzauber during my visit. Each for every single day 🙂 I know it’s not good for my body, but it’s hard to resist 😛

      1. Three Schokoladenzauber sounds like quite a few…but not enough 😛 I am sure all that walking around taking photos was great exercise after each sweet treat 🙂

  8. Fantastic captures! I just read about the Viennese coffee culture on another blogger’s post. 🙂 Coffee is catching up around the world. It’s big in Korea too.

    1. The coffee culture in Korea has a different style, but it’s no less charming. I like the atmosphere more than the drinks 🙂

    1. Interesting, isn’t it 🙂 I really like the atmosphere in the Viennese coffee houses. No hectic like in Starbuck or other chain coffee shops.

  9. OMG Len, you have me drooling! That chocolate magic cake! One of my favourite traditions is afternoon kaffee und kuchen. It’s still a daily thing for some of my German relatives and I’m all too happy to participate. It has been too many years since my last trip to Vienna but I remember that their coffee culture is exquisite.

  10. I am going to Vienna in August and this is just what I needed. Your photos are amazing Len, how do you do it? what camera do you use??? Really, these cakes are too beautiful and gorgeous to eat…how do they taste??Super excited!

    1. Vienna must be great in August! Those city gardens must be stunning. Hope it is not too hot.

      Well, I can only remember the taste of the Schokoladezauber. It’s soft (melting in my mouth) and has the sweet bitter flavour of pure dark chocolate 😛

      Most of the time, I use compact camera. Back then it was a Fujifilm X30. Now a Leica D-Lux. I’m not a fan of super heavy gear haha.

      1. Thank´s for the tip Len.I´m super excited to see Vienna in Summer. I would definitely love to do the Kilimt walk since I wanted to see all those paintings….of course after a coffee & cake!

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