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8 thoughts on “Zurich: A Closer Look”

  1. Grüezi comes from (Gott) Grüße Euch/Sie… in other words “God’s greetings to you”. In Austria and Bavaria they say “Grüß Gott”, which is much the same thing.

    1. Oh i did not know that. Many thanks for your info ☺ At first, I thought it was “Grüß Sie” as well. But later I realized it was incorrect. “Grüezi” is how it is written.

  2. Nice to read your posts about Switzerland. I still have some post to do about Zurich, Zug and Basel from my backlog travel so hope you can check them. It is best to go to some local attraction, not the touristy ones so less crowd and you will appreciate more what other venues that are not that popular but nevertheless still beautiful.

    1. I have heard of Zug (as the origin of the famous “kirchtorte”). But did not have the time to check that place. Would love to read about it 😉

      1. They have a beautiful lake. Will post next time as I have so many backlogs but not a lot of time on my hands since I also read my followers and readers. Give and take is my motto 🙂

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