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29 thoughts on “Bruges: Where The Time Stands Still”

  1. Great pictures Len! I was in Bruges only once, and it was unfortunately raining. The city is still fantastic, but those reflections of blue skies in the canals bring it to a whole new level 🙂 -Verne

  2. Your second photo has this classical feel, with the church at the background, framed with vibrant colors of trees, stillness of the canal complete with swans. You do have an eye for good photographic spots!

      1. Now that is truly something to think about. We lived close enough to drive but never visited in winter. We also heard it does not snow that often in the Benelux so that would indeed be a rare chance to see!

  3. Really pretty… lucky with the weather you had! From an outsider looking in, European cities seem to take on similar vibes after a while don’t they? ☺️

    1. Yep! They share similarities because the merchants did not only trade goods, they also exchanged culture.
      I know it might get dull after a few visits. That’s why I always include different activities into my trip, or example, museums visiting. I highly recommend you to visit Science Museum in Europe. It’s awesome! You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy them 🙂

      1. Yes, I will be going through a few museums in my spare time to get deeper into their culture (although more the bespoke museums). Glad you ended by clarifying we don’t have to enjoy science, being a science dropout in high school isn’t very flattering. 😂

    1. I’m sure the town would be full of people! But I think Bruges will be more pretty thanks to the Christmas market. If there were snow, it will become a winter wonderland 🙂

  4. Great post, Len. We tried the mussels and they were delicious, as well as their potato fries. 🙂 We haven’t been here a long while, but you reminded me of how beautiful the city is.

    1. You should do it before the town is overwhelmed by tourists 🙂 It’s an easy day trip from Paris. I guess it takes 2-3 hours, including changing trains.

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