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27 thoughts on “Marienburg Castle: In Search of The Sleeping Beauty”

    1. You welcome 🙂 Except for the slate grey sky, it was a nice trip. I was also surprised to know that this German royal family has connection to the UK. There is even a twin of the crown of Queen Elizabeth in the castle’s vault!

  1. Wow, how a man professes his love for a woman.
    It is sad that the castle was abandoned for such a long time but it is now open for us to see! Good sharing!

      1. Haha probably not in this scale. But I guess he might gift a mansion or a small residence to other royal family members or his followers.

      1. I have terrible eyesight! But I’ve gathered that you must have great patience in waiting for the perfect shots. That’s why you must share them!

    1. Highly recommended 😉 It is easily accessible from Hanover, in case you don’t own a car. There are buses that run directly from the Hauptbahnhof to the castle’s car park (around 1 hour)

  2. You are embarassing me again here… I just checked, I live maybe 90 minutes away from this place and I have never heard of it before. Thanks for the great day trip idea!

    1. My pleasure! I think the fame of Neuschwanstein is too large. It has overwhelmed other castles in Germany. Besides, northern Germany has never been popular in term of castles 🙂

  3. Great pictures! We visited Marienburg this year, while on a trip in Lowe Saxony. Liked it really much and the guided tour was also very informative.
    I also recommend if you get in the area to check the towns of : Hamelin, Celle, Weingerode;)


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